Greenbelt 2012 early line up announcements…

Greenbelt festival is ages away. I have a whole load of things between me and it.

However, it looks like I will be doing something this year with ultrasonic speakers- some technology that projects sound on a carrier wave, making it into a narrow focussed beam that you can limit to a spot some distance away, or even bounce off objects. We are going to use it to project poetry and sounds recorded on small Hebridean islands during our up and coming Wilderness retreat trips.

So (you heard it here folks!) the first announcement of the line up for Greenbelt festival- Chris Goan!

I understand entirely if this does not raise the heartbeat, but I was looking at the GB website today, and noticed something that certainly got my attention;

My all time favourite musician/songwriter/poet is there this year- Bruce Cockburn. This man’s words and music have been my companion and inspiration for 20 years and more. So famous in his native Canada that they put his face on a stamp. This is from the first ever album of his I bought back in 1989;

Also confirmed are the wonderful Bellowhead- a collection of musician who play folk/jazz/punk like you have never heard before. We have a few of their albums but have never heard them sing live. Check this out;

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