Never ‘rebloged’ before (sounds like it relates to a dysfunctional digestive tract) but I liked this article from Simon Cross….

Reflects some of the earlier posts here about masculinity. The idea of reasserting male identity by demanding that men become the roaring lions of the church always disturbed me. The Lion of Judah came as a lamb after all.

Do the small things. I like that…

There goes rhymin Simon

Just a few thoughts about issues of masculine identity in the context of spirituality and religion… please dont let is be a soliloquy, let me know your thoughts in the comments box.

There have been a few articles written recently about the disengagement and disappearance of men from places such as church sanctuaries and missionary agencies.

Two notable recent articles on this are: Steve Davies, writing about men and the mission field, and Vicky Beeching (current Christian uber blogger) on feminisation of worship music.

I’m left feeling though that in both cases, what the writers describe are symptoms of a greater malaise, and while both are interesting and important, they arent quite catching the very complex causes.

These causes are complex, and I would categorise them as essentially psycho spiritual and sociological.

For a very long time the church has been deeply patriarchal, as indeed has…

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  1. Nice blog. Got me thinking.

    Masculinity is not in crisis. Unless it’s considered a crisis if men no longer hold 100% of the power all the time? No man who is comfortable with himself – his masculinity and his femininity, has ever had any problem.

    It’s the frightened misogynists and the unthinking egotists that perpetually market the image of manhood as wielding an over-worldly, over-sized sword. Perhaps if, collectively, men took their eyes off their penis and looked at the world around them, we might finally learn;

    Not everything revolves around US!

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