An inspired life- Nick Vujicic…

I hear the words ‘Motivational Speaker’ and instantly want to run the other way with my hands over my ears shouting “OMMMMMMMM” as loudly as I can. Motivational speakers are for salesmen and pyramid selling schemes and in all other areas of life should be politely shown the door towards the nearest soup kitchen to learn some silent humility.

Then my mate Andy sent me a clip of this bloke, and I had to eat a slice of my own humble pie;

4 thoughts on “An inspired life- Nick Vujicic…

  1. Crikey, that is some guy. I’ve been to motivational ‘events’ in my work life and found them extremely ‘unmotivational’. The problem is they start with the assumption that everybody wants wealth and status. One minute with the guy in this video is worth more than any amount of time in front of a business ‘motivational’ speaker.

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