Making games work…

My mate Nick has written a book!

This is the blurb;

Are you someone who occasionally runs games to help people to learn?

Would you like those games to work better?

Do you want people you work with to gain even more from your training?

If this is you then “Making GamesWork” by Nick Smith is definitely worth reading.

This book takes you through all the steps you might want to consider from initial planning to final evaluation, in an easily-readable style. It can be read as a whole or you can dip in to get advice on the bit of games-running that you most want to improve.

You will learn:

  • How to plan a good games session to meet your learning outcomes
  • What to say in your briefing
  • How to run the game and intervene successfully
  • Suggestions for reviewing to draw out the learning
  • Example games to illustrate each chapter
  • Safety considerations to be aware of
  • What you need to be a good facilitator of games
  • How to design a game to use the equipment available

“‘Making Games Work’ fills a significant gap among books about team activities. It is a plainly written guide from one practitioner to another about how to get the best value from team games/tasks/activities/challenges. It is full of tips and tweaks for adapting activities to suit different groups, different situations and different objectives. Every part of the process can be adjusted. Nick Smith points out the choices at every turn – whether briefing, monitoring, reviewing, evaluating, designing or redesigning activities. After reading Making Games Work I am confident that your tried and tested activities will be getting a makeover or two.”

Roger Greenaway, Reviewing Skills Training

“This is without a doubt a book that should be available to all instructors, teachers, facilitators, youth workers, in fact anybody that works in the field of developing personal and team skills.”
Teresa Thorp, Grafham Water Centre

“ When it comes to practicing a craft, a skilled craftsman will select the correct tool from his tool box. Nick, a time served master craftsman, has assembled his tools, laid them in this tool box and allowed us to choose which tool we would like to use. With sound advice from his experience, as to which tool will work best, he has delivered a service to the outdoor training world. Thanks Nick!”

Ian Ross, Lagganlia Outdoor Education Centre

Nick has been running games as part of team and leadership training for 20 years. People regularly seek him out for advice on how to make games work with particular groups or for specific learning outcomes. He has a passion for helping people to enjoy the process of discovering and reaching their full potential.

Nick is a freelance outdoor instructor and life coach- his blog/website is here. (You might recognise one of the kids in his header as my son Will.)

Nick is one of the leaders of our Wilderness Meditations too.

You can get hold of a copy of his book here.

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