I am sometimes so sick of the me

I wish I would just go away

I wish that the skin that I’m in would fall off

And the bones would go somewhere and stay


I should stay far from the you

It really is better that way

The sight of me stripped of my skin and my bones

Is a gruesome revolting display



3 thoughts on “Raw…

  1. Good morning., Chuckles. Cheer up or else I will come round & do it for u! Hope ur day is a good un. Your chum, Simon.

  2. When I feel so rubbish I want to be dead, I think of my boys who are my life’s blood……and of course the threat (in Catholicism), for the sin of suicide)of being cast into the pit of hell also helps!!

  3. Heh you, I am one of your quiet followers that is going to start speaking up. I love your posts and will let you know that more often from now on. You are important to me. Thank you, friend.

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