A Very British Tale…

My mate Mark has written a book

Mark and I were student housemates together back in the 1980’s but he lives in the Rhondda valley in Wales, a long way from Scotland, so we have not been able to see much of each other over recent times. It has been great to meet up at Greenbelt festival recently though.

Back to his book. If you like fantasy fiction, and are a bit of a royalist then this might be the one for you (Audrey!) Here is Mark’s blurb-

Come on a journey that will take you to the very heart of a secret adventure. An adventure so secret it should not be made public. ‘A Very British Tale’ brings together ancient folklore, a thousand year old Royal Family and mystical magic; and sets it all firmly in the 21st Century.
This story tells of how Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, hides a dark family curse that turns her into a strange flying creature. In order to break the curse Prince William and Prince Harry must face an adventure that will take them to the four corners of the United Kingdom. This heroic tale involves princes and knights and trolls and dragons – even the Loch Ness Monster makes an appearance. Secret Agents, King Arthur and a Welsh Rock Star all play their part in helping the young princes in their quest to break the age old curse.


Fun though…

2 thoughts on “A Very British Tale…

  1. BIG “Thanks” to anyone that has looked at or even made the step of buying. Just to let you know profits are being tithed to Tony Campolo & Terry Law ministries.

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