What might God say to a teenager?

We are helping to set up a prayer room to be used as part of a Scripture Union camp run by some friends next week. I was asked to write a letter to be used as part of the event.

It was not an easy thing to do- there is a gulf of years from by own teen age, which was more than a little dysfunctional.

There are also my own kids- well on the way to becoming whoever they are to become.

How might they come to encounter that part of themselves that is Spirit? This is not in my power to command, although I might hope to be a window through which they can look.

In the end, I wrote this;


I hear you have been looking for me.

I listened to your questions about the meaning of it all; about where this wonderful world came from and where it might be going. I listened too to your hopes and your dreams and they filled me up with joy.

Because inside you are the seeds of my Kingdom.

I understand that all of this may seem mysterious and difficult to understand, but we are not done yet.

I understand too that sometimes you wonder if I am here at all.

Keep looking my child, because those who seek will find. Those who knock on doors will yet see them wide open.

Sometimes I will look at you through the eyes of someone you love. You will hold on to another and have no idea that it is my hand you are holding.

Sometimes I will smile at you through sunsets. I will cry with you in the summer rain and light your dreams with starlight.

You might find me too in old stories and songs written by other people who looked for me.

Some of these stories are about Jesus.

Stories of great things- lives changed, hungry people fed, broken people mended.

Stories of revolution. Stories that turn everything upside down. The small people stand tall, the first become last. The powerful and strong find that their kind of power has no place in my Kingdom.

Because my Kingdom is found in you.

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