It happened, eventually. Today I left work to step into a period of great uncertainty.

I have taken redundancy, with no safety net, and it feels absolutely the right decision.

We are planning to spend some time converting some space in our house to be used a public space- a guest house, a retreat venue and a place where people can come to learn crafts and art. We have hopes and dreams but there is no certainty that this will work out.

Sorry to bleat on about this, it is not as if thousands of others are not having to try to reinvent life in the wake of redundancy or worse. But it does feel like a big deal- the turning of a life-page. And we only have a limited number of those.

As ever I was playing with words, as a means of processing some of what is going on in my head;


In the end it came quietly

No clatter of broken chains

No fanfare for the passing

Just another moment slipping by

But most unusually this one

Was not missed

But squarely met


And in the years to come

Who can say what now will look like from then?

Whether today will be the pivot on which this

Life turned

Or whether it is yet to turn again.

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