Evangelical becomes gay for a year…

Amazing story in the Guardian today about an American ultra conservative evangelical Christian who found himself questioning his Church teachings on homosexuality, and decided to walk in the shoes of a gay man for a year.

In order to do this, he had to tell his family, his Church, his friends that he was gay, take on a pretend ‘boyfriend’ and live and work in gay bars.

It seems that not only his own theological understanding of homosexuality radically changed, but so was that of his mother.

Finally Kurek’s journey ended when he revealed his secret life and “came out” again, but this time as a straight Christian. However, he says that one of the most surprising elements of his journey was that it renewed his religious faith rather than undermined it. “Being gay for a year saved my faith,” he said.

Kurek also said that he felt his experience not only should show conservative Christians that gay people need equal rights and can be devout too, but that it can also reveal another side of evangelicals to the gay community.

“The vast majority of conservative Christians are not hateful bigots at all. It is just a vocal minority that gets noticed and attracts all the attention,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Evangelical becomes gay for a year…

    • Hi Nik- I suppose the issue for me is that in this case, Christians are often on the side of the persecutors, not the persecuted. Christians (according to Jesus) should expect to be given a hard time because of our faith- it is what we signed up to. That does not mean that the persecutors of Christians are not reprehensible, and that we should not stand against them when we can- just that we need to take the logs out of our eyes first!



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