A trip back in time…


And lovely it was too.

This weekend we have been down to our former church in Preston, to attend the wedding of an old friend- Kev Duffell, who was marrying a lovely German lass called Michaela. The wedding was half in German, and full of delicious miss-communications- although not between bride and groom, whose first kiss after being pronounced Herr und Frau was quite the most passionate thing I have ever witnessed inside a church. I felt like I was intruding…

But it was great to catch up with old friends- particularly some that I had not seen for years and years. Mark and Joy, Graham and Ruth, Andrew and Mary.

It was able too to spend some time with Steve and his wife Ros, who I had not seen for donkeys years. Steve and I used to play worship music together, and initially had our moments of tension but became good friends. He has gone from high flying executive to dog trainer, bike mechanic, pig and chicken farmer- on his own down shifting, living more simply pilgrimage.

Life takes us in all sorts of directions, and hearing the stories of old friends is such a privilege.

As for the happy couple- may they be richly blessed…


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