Sams new book!

A friend of mine has a new book out!


Samir Dawlatly has written a lovely collection of reflections on the parables of Jesus- poetry and prose. You can get hold of the book, or download it from Proost, here. Highly recommended- simple, profound twists to allow us to look again at the words of Jesus from a different direction.

Here is a wee sample;

Blood in Water (Luke 13:20-21)

Is like
A drop of blood
In a glass of water
Though there’s only
A tiny drop
Of blood
It completely changes
The appearance
Of the whole glass
Of water

4 thoughts on “Sams new book!

  1. The beauty in the simplicity of this example, is stunning. Like Philomena, it invokes a thirst in me for more.

    Keep it coming Sam – the world needs your talent for fresh interpretation – and thanks for what you are awakening our souls with.

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