5 thoughts on “A bit more Bazza…

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    • Watched the whole thing. Think the Missy challenging thing was his interpretation of the Greek word for righteousness. That we should user the phrase “restorative justice” instead…

      Seek first the kingdom of God and his restorative justice…

  2. Have listened to the whole thing now. It’s amazing what you can do whilst doing the top up bottle feed…

    There are lots of simple eloquent truths here, but the thing that has struck me and stuck with me most is his theological explanation of “righteousness”; that the Greek word used to translate what Jesus said when he said “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” has been watered down by our translation of righteousness, to mean some kind of piety. It is apparently more accurately translated as “Restorative Justice”.

    Restorative justice eh? Kind of changes the meaning and the stress of the phrase and the command. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his restorative justice!” There may be a certain 17 year old social activist in your house that would perhaps like to run with that?

    So, as a husband, father, GP and community member, how do I seek restorative justice? Work in progress…

    Having said that, I have no idea what Jesus would have said in the Aramaic but that’s another argument about Hellenistic interpretations of a Hebraic exposition of God and his love.

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