Welfare state…



Welfare State


The sofa split some years ago

The gas fire hisses as if

through broken teeth.

Colin tries to stir up hope

On the Baby Belling whilst the TV screen sucks

the kids in like flecks of dust.


A manufactured crisis for some pop star wannabe

Stabs out from the fat old tube.

The crowd scream – no wonder.

And Colin stares into the tangled noodles wondering

What might become of the children

For not one of them can sing.


But their faces, lit by cathode light

Are beautiful.




3 thoughts on “Welfare state…

  1. The polar opposite of George Osbourne’s most wicked characterisation of those who live on the Welfare State deserving the most harsh of cuts because they are all wasters who plot ways to steal even more money from us and kill their children. Thanks you for providing a balance in a hard hearted world gone mad ….. Thank You

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