Poetry collection- still looking for submissions…



I am gathering poems for a collection of poetry to be published by Proost.

This collection came from the idea that poetry could and should be a valid expression of our spiritual journeys, our protests, our pain, our longing and our hopes. It also came from a conviction that many people write poems, and even the best of these often have no outlet- no way of connecting with other people.

I had no real way of knowing what people would send, but all I can say is that I already have some fantastic writing. I sat on the train coming back from London reading poems that made me cry- one of the best measures of a poem in my opinion!

However- if you are hovering and wondering whether or not to send something in- please do.

The best poems for this collection are not necessarily the ones written by ‘poets’- rather they are ones written by people who have been opened up by something deeper, and are suddenly able to express this on paper.

There are also some of you who I am waiting for content from. You know who you are – don’t make me come and fetch them!

3 thoughts on “Poetry collection- still looking for submissions…

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  2. Hi Chris, I had a dream last night that i had a poem published in your collection… decided I should send some off for your consideration but I am not sure the way to do this. Can you advise?
    Thanks x

    • Ooooh Good dream! (Although I was already hoping to include a couple of the ones I had of yours anyway.) The answer is- send them to me. really looking forward to reading them.

      And to seeing your bees…

      C X

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