A change of view (using high explosives…)

firth of clyde, night time


For years, the view along the Clyde has been dominated by the chimney from Inverkip power station. It is (or was) the highest free standing man made structure in Scotland; 20,000 tonnes of concrete piled 237 meters high.

The power stations was built in 1970, to be powered by oil, just before the oil crisis sent prices sky rocketing. The only time it has ever been used was during the miners strike in 1985, when it was switched on as some kind of black-leg to break the power of the National Union of miners, at goodness knows what cost.

Finally they have decided it has to go- it has no place in a globally warmed world with its dwindling oil reserves.  There have been several explosive demolitions on the site, but this one was the big one- the end of the huge chimney.

Down it went, leaving a ghost of itself in a kind of dusty effigy…

I took some dodgy video from one of the bed and breakfast rooms in our house. Here it is (with commentary by Emily, Netta and myself!)


6 thoughts on “A change of view (using high explosives…)

    • A cliche Steve! Although you can always pull the slider in the other direction. Strange things is that lots of people have protested the loss of the chimney, ugly though it was, it has become part of the landscape of peoples lives…

  1. Thanks for posting this Chris ….. it was good to be able to see it. Inverkip has been in my life for ever and it was lovely not to be left out of the big occasion!! The view will never be the same ….. Hoping you are all well.


  2. Great video, but like Emily I was hoping for more drama! I always think it’s a shame when landmarks have to go. I guess that’s progress and I must be getting old!

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