What a weekend…

Sitting here rather tired…

On Saturday a day Michaela and I have been rather dreading arrived- Emily, our lovely daughter, was starting University in Stirling. We filled the car with stuff and headed out there to settle her in her new environment. She has a lovely room overlooking greenery and lakes, and has already started making new friends, but at the same time it was rather emotionally exhausting. Emily leaves a very big hole now she is not in the house- she is simply so vibrant and alive and altogether wonderful. I feel a nostalgic photograph coming on…

Michaela and Emily- 2003

Still, her life moves on, as does ours. They day after was our wedding anniversary- 23 years married. We celebrated it with- cricket!

We drove down to Manchester from Stirling (along with William) and stayed in the hotel that is part of the stands at Old Trafford, then attended the second ODI between England and Australia. For the record, England lost, but we had a great day in a great atmosphere. Apparently we were the centre of some crowd shots on the TV- both the Sky footage and the highlights on Channel 5. So photogenic of course; how could they not?

We then haired back up to Scotland and missed the 10.30PM ferry by about 2 minutes- that sickening feeling as you watch it pull away from the pier as you are trapped behind a car doing 25 MPH. This meant waiting at the terminal for the last ferry at midnight.

Still, I am not in a hurry to do much this morning. I have some sculptures to complete and some writing to do.

Whilst doing this I will attempt to count my blessings, but they are rather numerous and arithmetic has never been my strongest skill…

By the way, whilst talking about cricket, the season stats for Greenock are on line. Amazingly I am 4th in the batting averages. Which is indicative of a rather poor season! Still, there is always next year, when I think it likely that Williams averages will be much better than mine. It is the order of things, we decline, and our kids increase.

We would have it no other way…

Old trafford, England Australia

3 thoughts on “What a weekend…

  1. Shame you had to spoil such wonderful events with talk of cricket!
    Happy Anniversary xxx
    If we had to spend two hours at a ferry terminal – your family is who we would choose to spend it with xxx
    Special blessings to Emily

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