The watcher in the city…

cobbles, light

Prince Charming


I am the watcher watching those who watch

The shop windows blink

A man walks solely to prevent falling forward

-mouths clenched-teeth fuckers to the phantoms in his head

No-one meets the eye of the invisible woman at the checkout

She has no knight-errant


I am gasping for air in your waters

A cartoon shark swims by, making speech bubbles through a posh phone

Three girls on sex-stilts clatter out canned laughter

A bus passes like high tide

Sweeping the street clear of flotsam

The ship did not come in


I am monochrome

The colours bleed in the yellow light

A fug of fast food hangs like sulphur in the evening air

As a man pulls hard on his cigarette, making a warning light from his face

A girl walks with pretended purpose into empty shadow

Still hoping for Prince Charming

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