driftwood ships 1



Fridays these days usually mean working in my shed. We need to build up some more stock after a particularly successful Cowal Open Studios event.

I am probably going to go back to working for the council full time over the winter months, so these Friday creating days may be numbered.

My latest obsession has been making ships out of driftwood- mostly Clyde Puffers. There is now quite a fleet of them on our dining room table…

driftwood ships 2


3 thoughts on “Fleet…

  1. Glad COS went well. You’re ships look brilliant. We may need to but some for or new extension…! Are they for sale on your website yet?

    Hope FT working doesn’t lead to burn out x

    • Cheers Sam!

      No, we have not started selling through the website yet- partly because we simply never seem to get enough stock together, hence the manic making.

      New extension huh?- are plans progressing then? hope to see it some day, and bring a puffer down with me…


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