Pensioner takes on David Cameron, with poetry!

I am not sure about the poetry, but as protest it works very well!



Dear David Cameron,

Thank you for the advice on keeping down my heating bills

You said to wear a jumper to keep out the winter chills

I’m 75 years old, I’ve jumpers older than you!

But none of them do the job when it’s minus bloody two!


I’m actually ten years older than our beloved welfare state

I’ll outlive the thing if times keep on as they have of late

We used to have this quaint idea of solidarity

‘All for one and one for all’ got replaced by ‘me,me,me’


They sold off the utilities; thus privatising heat.

So now us old folks have to choose to warm our rooms or eat.

They sold off all the factories; they sold off all the mills

Now kids are lucky to find work scanning tin cans at tills


They sold off all our railways, and they gave away our trains

It made some folks a lot of cash, but we just felt the pains

They sold off schools and hospitals, now police stations too

Things once owned by all of us, now owned by the likes of you


For decades now your lot have sold what wasn’t yours to sell

Your gang of ham faced charlatans can go to bloody hell!

You tell us now we’re old and cold to ‘wrap up warm’. As ‘eck!

I’ll take my winter scarf and wrap it round your soddin’ neck!


You wouldn’t know a tough choice if it bit you in the arse

To be lectured by you on ‘making do’ is beyond a soddin’ farce

‘Wear extra clothes’ to save some cash? I’d love to, but alack…

You rotten thieving bastards stole the shirt right off my back.


Yours Shiveringly,

An Apocryphal OAP

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