Liebster award!

A very nice bloke gave me the Liebster award!

liebster award

As far as I can see, this award works like this- bloggers award this to other blogs that they feel have merit. If you accept the award, you agree to answer the questions set by the person who gave you the award, and to make some awards of your own. I think the rules have become a little diffuse as it has rattled around the blogosphere, but hey, it is always nice to be appreciated, so thanks very much Paul!

Paul (who nominated me) blogs at Red Setter Christian (which is a great name) and he attends the church I used to go to down near Preston- we met there for a memorable chat a year or so ago. You should check out his blog, which is full of lovely inventive things as well as restless adventuring faith.

So- here are my answers to Paul’s Questions;

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen?

Because the question said ‘thing’ I will not say my wife, or my kids. I could mention sunsets over the western Hebrides, waterfalls, the roll of mountain down to gentle valley. But I will say this- home after a long journey away. The stain on the carpet. The bit of skirting board I mended poorly. The place where I am most at peace.

Who is your favourite comedian, and why?

I am too melancholic to have a favourite comedian. Lots of people make me laugh though. My mate Simon does that more than most.

If you could nominate a current/recent TV show as a future classic, which one would you pick, and why?

Wallander, with Kenneth Branagh. Each shot a portrait. Superb acting. Imperfect genius as main character. Complex, dark and moving.

Politicians or Lawyers.  Who do you mistrust more?

Politicians have often been lawyers. If not they will certainly need one to cover stuff up for them. With that in mind, they are equally culpable.

Censorship – a good idea, or not?

Not. However we should be accountable for damage done.

What’s the best thing about where you live?

It is where my home is, where my family are. Or at least before they started to spread their wings. It is also very beautiful, on the edge of wild country.

Which book do you find yourself returning to the most, and what is it that keeps you coming back?

I am not sure I have returned to many repeatedly. Swallows and Amazons because it allows me to share my childhood dreams with my kids perhaps. And the Bible, because despite all the battering it has taken from systematic theology, it is still a rather good book.

Cats or Dogs?

It rains both in these parts. I choose chickens.

What has surprised you most (in a good/pleasant/not jumping out at you in a terrifying manner way) this week, and why?

Russel Brand with his cheeky chappy revolutionary wisdom, which really seems to have changed the political debate.

In the event of ‘First Contact’ with an alien race (who would, obviously speak perfect English like they do in outer space!) – which living person would you pick as our best representative?

Tony Benn. Wisdom, age, compassion, understanding of power.

Now for my own nominations;

I am going to nominate two blogs- simply because they post often, contain much wit and wisdom, and often make me smile as well as open me up a little. Strangely, both writers make a living as ministers of religion! Perhaps I love both because they give me a human window into established church, which despite finding myself outside, I still love. It is also because I have met both writers and have a deep respect for them.

The first is this one- Diggingalot. Most of the new music I listen to I have encountered here. There is usually something to make me laugh, to ponder on for a while.

Next, Danceswithmidges– a local blog to where I live. Honest, thoughtful, full of lovely pictures. I always get the impression that (like the best blogs) it is written as much for the writer to make sense of his own world as to impress anyone else.

So, should you choose to accept this award, here are my questions;

How do you relax? What is your favourite way to waste time?

How do you pray? No- honestly, how do you really pray?

Who has been the person who has influenced your journey most in the last 5 years?

What would you rescue first if your house was on fire (assuming all living things are safe.)

You are given power to change 3 things in our political/economic system. What would you do?

When was the last time that someone showed you great kindness?

When was the last time you cried, and why?


And there you have it.

Thanks Paul for opening up some new connections. The internet lives, despite Google and the NSA!

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