Emily’s birthday ceilidh pics…

It is nearly 10 AM on the morning after. 4 people are up in the house- out of (I think) 35. I had around 4 hours sleep, but these days wake when the day calls me rather than listening to what it needs. Just thought I would post a few photos from last night for those of you who were not able to join us to dance Emily into adulthood!

It was a a great night- we had a piper, a great band (Canned Haggis, who are simply the best combination of musicianship and encouragement in the dance,) solo spots from Skye, Hannah and Rachael, conversations with lots of friends, and just about everybody danced. I danced a lot- in fact this morning I feel like I have been on an SAS selection course.

Here is some evidence of it all (taken with no flash in an almost dark room so apologies for the motion blur!)

1 thought on “Emily’s birthday ceilidh pics…

  1. And have tha SAS accepted you?!!
    Great Pictures – congratulations to Michaela and yourself on raising such a beautiful daugher.

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