Call for artists to contribute to an Easter exhibition…

Carved stone cross, crucifixion, detail

I received this today from Heather- looks like a really good project so I thought it worth a plug! Anyone out there who is interested, contact details for submissions are below.


Exhibition Title:  “Love.  Loss.  Hope: the Art of Easter, 2014”

Initial Response Deadline  Monday 10th February 2014 at 12:00 noon

Exhibition Dates: Good Friday 18th, Saturday 19th April, daytime and evening (Exhibition may be extended slightly, enquiries are being made)

Location: King’s Factory, Unit 4, Smithton Industrial Estate, Smithton, Inverness, Scotland IV2 7WL  (Home of King’s Fellowship)  The exhibition will be spread in a route throughout this modern commercial unit build – display space dimensions vary considerably.

Works: We greatly encourage submissions across all creative media including screen-based.  Writers, please consider visual text artforms.  Works can be offered for sale.

Background: The exhibition will reflect on a series of incidents in Jesus’ life as he moves towards the cross and his death.  But ultimately the exhibition is about love, loss and hope.

The Bible narrative will be already supplied in printed and audio recordings – leaving you free to interpret or respond to any part of an event.

The exhibition will be grouped into separate areas for each Easter event plus a reception area and a reflective area.  We invite you to exhibit in any of these categories:

  1. Garden of Gethsemane
  2. Jesus is betrayed and arrested
  3. Jesus condemned by Sanhedrin
  4. Jesus denied by Peter
  5. Jesus judged by Pilate
  6. Jesus scourged, crowned with thorns
  7. Jesus takes up his cross
  8. Jesus is helped by Simon to carry cross
  9. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
  10. Jesus is crucified
  11. Jesus promises kingdom to the thief
  12. Jesus entrusts John and Mary to each other
  13. Jesus dies on the cross
  14. Jesus laid in the tomb

The reception room theme is “love”, showing Christ’s love in his life, and the Last Supper.  The last exhibition room is a reflective space, themed “hope”.

Curated by: Heather Gregg   Tel: 01463 793494   Email:

Aim of Exhibition: “To adore is a Door”.  As these works of adoration are placed together in a sensitive setting, I believe that they will become a spiritual door to the reality of Christ.  My prayer is that exhibition visitors encounter him in this space.

This is a Joint Production of King’s Fellowship and Blue Flame.

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