Being in two minds…

Michaela tends to listen to one album over and over again- sometimes just one song. Currently we have a CD on in the car just about every day- Duke Special’s Oh Pioneer.

I am in two minds about the Duke. He writes some lovely lovely songs and has a stage persona that is almost unique- we have seen him live a few times at Greenbelt Festival. however his music often comes a little too close to musical theatre for my comfort. It is songcraft in the tradition of Cole Porter, with dreadlocks and a delicious Northern Irish accent.

Having said all that- most of us are one thing and also the opposite. I was thinking about this today looking at risque birthday cards on the mantle next to a celtic cross. It made me think of one of the Duke’s songs. I think I get where he is coming from, but frankly I could be wrong…

2 thoughts on “Being in two minds…

  1. Coincidentally I am featuring this on my blog on Friday: the disciple should never go before the master :). Having seen him on Sunday, I am still reeling from his brilliance: plus I met him!

    • There you go, I must have been channeling you unwittingly! I think my wife has a bit of a thing for his raggamuffin impishness so this might also be a factor in my opinions I nI am honest…

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