The hole it makes in everything…

out of town shopping precinct

The family of a man who starved to death four months after his benefits were cut off has called on the government to reform the way it treats people with mental health problems when it assesses their eligibility for benefits.

Mark Wood, 44, who had a number of complex mental health conditions, died at his home last August, months after an Atos fitness-for-work assessment found him fit for work. This assessment triggered a decision by the jobcentre to stop his sickness benefits, leaving him just £40 a week to live on. His housing benefits were stopped at around the same time.

The Guardian, 28th Feb 2014


United Kingdom, 2014


He works in a shop in order to spend money

In another shops.


Some weeks

After the rent is paid

And the meter’s appetite sated

He buys a lottery ticket

(Because you never know.)


Yesterday someone starved to death

Four months after ATOS

Pinched tight the withered umbilical.


Nanny state

No more.


And I can no longer escape the impression

That it is not the money that matters –

(It is not as though it will ever be enough.)

Rather it is the hole it makes

In everything.


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