Through the posh window…

Well, I suppose it is not that posh really, but one of my favourite places to eat is the lovely Inver Cottage Restaurant, out along Loch Fyne near the dramatic ruin of Old Castle Lachlan. The food is great, and served in a lovely airy space with a seaside/beach kind of feel to it, complete with open fires and good locally brewed beer. It is a place that we go to for a very special treat and feel kind of grateful that they let us in!

The owners contacted us a few weeks ago asking if we would be interested in selling some of our craft/art there. I suppose the beach-themed things that we make are a good fit with what they are doing too. Michaela and Pauline took a whole set of things round there, and it now fills their shelves. All very exciting for a bodging fiddler like myself.

Here is a photo Michaela took through their window, with all sorts of things we have made waiting to be displayed…


2 thoughts on “Through the posh window…

  1. Loch Fyne is beautiful, we regularly stay at a “holiday cottage” just south of Lochgilphead at Easter and we always have a great time.

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