Vicky Beeching comes out…

At first, I thought “So what?” It is no big deal any more surely?

Then I thought, it IS still a big deal for some- and it certainly must be for her, whose courage I salute.

I hope that people on all sides of this question will listen to what she has to say and hope for the very best for her. I hope to that some more people will be set free to live life in all it’s fullness.

I cried when she spoke her last sentence “God loves you exactly the way you are.” I cried because most of the people who say that do not mean everybody, and certainly not Gay people…

3 thoughts on “Vicky Beeching comes out…

  1. Thanks for the vid Chris. I read an Independent article at the weekend about her ‘coming out’. Amazed she bottled up her life for so long and just pleased she can now be her true self. Apparently the stress brought out a scar across her face which she covers over with make-up. Something’s we cover up with lies and for others we use make-up. Did a bit of research and she was brought up in Canterbury and went to the same school as my sisters. She’s now doing a Theology Phd at Durham. She’ll be at Greenbelt this year but is only comparing a debate.

  2. I’d never heard of her until last week. Evidently a young star in the christian music scene. She has been extremely brave and is to be admired for being able to express herself as she is – something we all should be allowed to do without being put into straight jackets of dogma.

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