rainbow, barbed wire


Blue hangs like a limp flag above him

Stirred only by half-a-breeze

Always waiting for tomorrow


Light falling through these trees

As if through ten green bottles

Hanging on for the fall


In a crush of commuting greys she wore bright orange

Less to draw attention to herself, more in blazing protest

Against complicity, against the curse of ordinary compliance


Yellow says hello

As the summer strips the grass to straw

And flowers forget their gazing upwards


Red bowl of the sun in a darkening sky

Curtaining so fast that I reach out

Grasping as to cup it, to keep it close


Pink flesh unfolds like a flower

This fragile child, as if fearing the late frost

Now wrapped up safe in mother


The night is purple, not-quite-dark

Wide open like the mouth of a whale

Or the space between stars


Black like before-life, like un-pregnancy

Like before the big bang roared outwards into us

Before love made anything possible


Grey like the day she came to say “The time has come for leaving”

The sun itself was choked by cloud

The very sea was weeping


Water falling down on these old rocks

Gilding them with liquid silver

This normal place, anointed


Age has turned your hair pure white

Like the soul that dances in you

You are cathedral and I, your evensong


Sunlight makes alchemy from mountains

Now gold in the evening mist

Far beyond the wealth of kings


Brown like the ground where we lay down

The earth is pillow-soft

And waiting


4 thoughts on “Colours…

  1. Hi Chris I love this photo of a rainbow with barbed wire and wondered if it was an original of yours or if you can let me know where to source it. I’m a London based playwright and am interested in using the photo for my new play about LGBT asylum seekers. I would be very grateful. I’m also liking all your blog content and think we have quite a few interests in common! Best wishes from Clare

    • Hi Clare. By all means use the photo! It is one of mine, and I will hopefully be able to find the original to send on to you. A quick look at your web stuff tells me that we do indeed share some interests! All the very best with the play. Chris X

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