We who still wait; new advent resource…


We who still wait

I have been part of the creation of a new advent resource/book thing that will be out soon.

Si Smith had the idea and curated it, bringing together photography from Steve Broadway, meditations from Ian Adams and poems from yours truly. There is a set of each to take you all the way through advent, available first as a digital download, but soon available as a book also. It has been a real pleasure to be in such creative company…

It will be available on Proost soon- I will let you know when it is out, but it will be part of several lovely things intended to be used during advent- check out the latest Proost newsletter (I will forgive the fact that they missed me out of the blurb for the new book!) that gives a bit of a broad spread of what is there. Si’s wonderful artwork features in several of the pieces…

for now here is one of the poems;



They say every flapping scrap of life is

A brand new miracle

– I see them all in the street

Displayed there by their miracle makers

For the rest of us to worship


But I am earth

Not sky

I am dry desert soil

Blown around in the ordinary wind

I am empty

And can never be full

What use have I with all this holiness

If I am never whole?


Meanwhile in the temple

An angel


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