Blogging Holy Week; Good Friday…

Carved stone cross, crucifixion, detail

Today marks one of the pivotal days within the Christian calendar so lets pause and dwell for a while on the story we find ourselves part of…

The scandal of the cross.

The unreasonableness of the cross.

The injustice of the the cross.

The laying down of all power and majesty; the ultimate vulnerability of the cross.

The end of all hopes on the cross.

The defeat of the cross.

The humanity of the cross.

The mystery of the cross.

The enduring symbolism of the cross.

ancient cross carved inside the hermits cave- 7th C

Perhaps too it is appropriate to personalise this story a little more, and ponder again how it relates to us; to our lives, our small stories.

I am increasingly uncomfortable with the atonement theories that I grew up with- if you are interested, some of my thoughts about all this can be read here.

Rather I find myself returning to another old word- redemption defined thus;


an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed.
deliverance; rescue.
Theology. deliverance from sin; salvation.
atonement for guilt.
repurchase, as of something sold.
paying off, as of a mortgage, bond, or note.
recovery by payment, as of something pledged.

Somehow, I am being redeemed. How and why I am not sure, but nevertheless I chose to believe that engagement with the love and life of Jesus changes, restores and rescues me so that the man that I am is both more and less than I was. I also know this process to be necessary and incomplete.

Today I will carry a small cross, not because I believe myself to be a finished article, but because I know myself to be needful of redemption.

May you carry yours also.

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