TFT Christmas card, 2015; Open the sky…

May the journey through and beyond this Christmas be full of simple joys. May you rise again as the days lengthen, and dare to believe that there is more, there is better.

May hope be lubricated by love.

Light from top window, sugar warehouse, Greenock dock

Open the sky


Open the sky and let some light in

Let this night be night no longer

Let stars shine down in shafts of love

Illuminating our ordinary things

All dowdy with dirt and common use

Let donkeys laugh out loud

For now the basest things

Are silvered up in grace

Covered all in kindness

For he is coming


Not to penthouse or suburban comfort

Nor to plump the cushions of those who have too much

Not to stroke the fragile ego of fame or celebrity

Nor to strengthen the arm of the powerful

Not to expand their empty empires

Nor to defend the borders they made from a scratch in shifting sand

Not to shape a new religious prison from seductive certainties

Nor to doctor out new proscribed doctrine

He is not coming to the exclusive religious few

But to you


The mess of you

In all your brokenness

In all your failure

Even in the certain knowledge that

You will fail again


Open the sky and let some light in


4 thoughts on “TFT Christmas card, 2015; Open the sky…

  1. Chris, this is a stunning poem ….. thank you for the reminder…… Hope you and yours have a blessed and joy and grace filled Christmas. Hope to catch up in 2016. Ali and Malcolm

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