Things to do on your day off…


If you were in a stressful job situation, and managed to carve out a day off in the winter sunshine, and you happened to live in a beautiful area ringed with mountains and lochs, what would you do? Easy choice, I know- except that the ability to make time for such things remains a rarity. So when my friend Simon asked if I wanted to go up into the hills I decided it was not an opportunity I could miss.


Up we went through Benmore Gardens, out through the gate at the top and into the high forest, eventually breaking through out onto the open mountainside, still rimed with snow and ice, and onwards up to the summit of Creachan Beag (547M). It was close enough to be back home for lunch, and high enough to feel manly and virtuous. Perhaps it was the heat we generated by middle-aged effort, but the air felt warm and the skies were deep blue.


The company was good too- Simon always has a story to tell. Eventually however in order to find some peace I had to murder him.


The knees held up OK on the descent and as far as days off go, it does not get much better than this.

Shame about Simon though.


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