Off-grid spoon whittler…

I was watching this advert the other day…


It made me think…

An off-grid spoon whittler.

Sounds good to me. Why would I want to be on grid when I can sit in a wood whittling spoons?

I was pretty sure that the slightly maniacal look rocked by the woman in the clip above was far less likely whilst carving spoons than it might be sitting in front of a bloody screen.

So I sliced a branch from the yew tree in our garden and set to with the knife Emily bought me for Christmas, an axe and a hook knife I bought from e bay.

Several blisters later, I made this.

I am proud of my spoon, so I went on-grid to display it to the world. Now back to the woods…


3 thoughts on “Off-grid spoon whittler…

  1. I like this idea. I might try whittling one myself, maybe next time plusnet is having an outage 🙂

    Good spoon! Yew trees are poisonous though I think, so don’t eat soup with it.

    • Cheers Harry. Jury is out on the toxins in Yew- depends who you talk to. The wood is less of an issue than the leaves/bark though although and I have used the spoons and spatulas made from yew for some time and am still here!

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