Summer is here

You can tell it is summer because the PS Waverley is slapping up and down on the Clyde and I am playing cricket again…

me missing
Here I just survived an attempt to attack that went through everything…

Cricket this year is a little strange, as Will and I are playing for different teams in different leagues. It was always going to happen I suppose as he is a lot better than me now as a bowler and a batsman. Yesterday I inched my way to 28 for Bute against Kilmarnock before getting out flailing at the death of the innings. He hit 56 for Greenock against Irvine including a six.

However there is something of worth in preserving the remaining small sports clubs that used to be scattered throughout Scotland. My home team (Innellan Cricket Club) has struggled of late for all sorts of reasons, and so we have arranged a ‘soft merger’ with Bute Cricket Club. We will support their league fixtures and they will play for us in our Sunday friendly fixtures. This meant that I had to register to play for Bute in the League, and so I can no longer play with Will.

Small club life is demanding but in this time when we are all increasingly isolated behind our many screens and gated patches of shrubbery, I value cricket more than ever.

3 thoughts on “Summer is here

  1. When I watched cricket at the end of school, County ground at Canterbury, everything was white, no advertising slogans, logos or marks. Could you explain the logo on the wickets “FUCX, FUCX, FUCX!!!”. My age / My eyesight.

    • You have a twisted mind! It says FLIX, the maker of artificial cricket surfaces…

      Strangely I have just watched a T20 match on TV from Canterbury, and thought of you. One of the ends is rather colourfully called the ‘Nackingon Road End’ I think we are all heading in that general direction!

      • Yes, it’s the Nackington Road end. It was also appropiately the back entrance, or exit, from the Hospital.
        Flix, i’ll remember that should i be called upon to do such a surface. Currently it’s 3G surface for rugby at Westhoughton High.

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