Music as a vehicle for grace…

We were down south over the weekend. Firstly we attended Sarah and Chaoyi’s wedding. It was a lovely thing, simple, full of friendship and creativity- particularly music. I made a small contribution as I lead the music in the ceremony. Afterwards the reception was full of yet more music, including lovely songs by Sarah herself with her friend Meg, sang out to Chaoyi and into the shadows left by her father’s absence. It was a wedding that contained much grace and seemed to me to do more than create a union, but also to contribute to a kind of healing in some of us that attended. May their life be full of blessings…

At the same time, I had a chance to meet some dear friends.Music connects many of us, either because we used to make music together, or because the soundtrack of our companionship is so precious to me. What a pleasure it was to play with Ruth again, whose keyboard skills ornamented the wedding so beautifully, and to laugh with Graham, Simon, Andy, Ruth, Clare, and so many others.

We then went on to stay with Steve and Ros- and the music connection was there again, as I played in bands with Steve for years and years, before life threw us in different directions. What a deep pleasure it was to remake friendship; to sit and talk about things that matter and lace it all together with memories.

After such a lovely and emotional weekend, we drove back up north into the autumn sunshine- the four of us. Emily became our DJ and chose an album that I did not know (this one) by one of my favourite bands, Over the Rhine. Perhaps it was the emotion of the weekend, or the rawness of being at a pivot point in my life. Perhaps too it was the deep pleasure of being in a warm car surrounded by my family, talking about deep stuff. All I know is that everything was carried and held by this sublime music. I found myself in tears. In a good way.

I thought I would offer some music here (from a different OTR album) as a piece of grace for all those friends I met over the weekend. For Sarah and Chaoyi in particular as they make new life together.

Let the autumn leaves fall…

4 thoughts on “Music as a vehicle for grace…

  1. Dear Chris
    Just saw this – a moving piece, both your words and the music…
    (I did hear about your leaving CH, and am sure you’ve made a good choice. Hope your creativity will take wings and fly to the edge of dawn…)

    • Thanks Chin! Yes indeed, I have now left CH- very much time to move on. Hoping to spend some more time writing and creating… We were just talking about you as it happens- we were at Andy McClintocks- hope we might be able to meet up the next time you are over this way…

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