What lies dark…

All is changing here, and change is good- although a lot of work. We are packing up our house pending a move in a couple of weeks to a much smaller place. All those clichés about not knowing how much stuff you have until you move are true.

At the same time we are hard at work continuing to produce items for our Christmas sales through seatree, often involving Michaela incorporating my poetry into ceramics. We will both be without workshop space until we can erect a garden building at our next house, and given that this is a major part of our income at present we have to build up some stock.

Here is one of a series of really simple tiles she did, as little ceramic sketches. A statement of hope despite the darkness.


2 thoughts on “What lies dark…

  1. Yes, Chris, moving house is a lot of (hard) work! Lin and I, after a quarter of a century, left Glasgow and moved to Edinburgh in June, and are still in the process of settling down in this “new” city of ours…
    Best wishes to you in your new abode and creative space,

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