Submissions needed for Proost Poetry Collection 2…

I am really excited to be able to give this a plug. A couple of years ago I was involved in curating a poetry anthology called Learning to Love. We are now officially launching the opening of a new collection for submissions.
We would be really grateful if you can share, tweet, pass on this message as far and wide as you can- we really want to connect with people who would not normally find a wider voice…
proost poets
Following the success of Proost’s first Poetry Collection (see here for more details) – we are now seeking poetry submissions for our next collection!
As before, this book hopes to gather voices from in and around the margins of our organised faith gatherings, and is particularly interested in hearing from poets whose writing has not previously found a wider audience. The collection of poetry is intended to be a resource for worship, contemplation, prayer and faithful prophetic criticism.
Poems should fit broadly into one of the following categories/chapter headings;
  • Ordinary/Sacred (God in all things. Everything is spiritual. Heaven in ordinary.)
  • Everyone is welcome (Refugees. Belonging. Inside/outside.)
  • Resisting (Disagreeing well. Protest. Justice. Inequality.)
  • Whole (Restoration. Becoming. Healing. Authenticity. Vulnerability)
  • Wild (Creation. Evolution. Uncivilisation. Our impact on the natural world)
  • Post Truth (What is truth? Where is it? Who defines it? Trump and Brexit)
  • Lament (The absence of God. Unfairness. Loss. Pain. Doubt.)
  • Hope (Where does our hope come from? Where do we see it?)
Submission process
Step 1: Form Please complete this form to tell us a little about yourself and your work. Step 2: Submit poems You will receive a confirmation email following completion of Step 1 providing the instructions and guidelines for sending us your work.
The closing date for submissions is the 28th of May 2017.
We charge no fee for submitting work.
Notes on selection process:
We are looking for poems with something to say – poems that open us up rather than close us down.Poetry at its best can be challenging, disturbing, uplifting, transforming and much more. If you write poems like this we want to hear from you. We are not interested in reputation or CV- rather we want to encourage those of you with a poetic/prophetic voice and let others hear it.
We will select poems for the collection if they fit the broad (and generous) ethos of the book and if they are of a quality and spiritual depth that moves us. This means that some
very good poems may not beselected. We hope that you will understand that we lack the  resources to give feedback on the reasons for our editorial decisions.
We look forward to reading your poems!
About Proost
Proost is a small publishing outlet aimed at gathering together resources from the creative edges of Church. Most of the material is made available for download- although hard copies of books can be purchased via a print-on-demand service.
If you have not done so already, check out which is chock full of great music, art, movies, worship resources and books.

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