The shed rises…

All men (and some women) need a shed.

Ours is rather more important however- it will form the basis of a substantial part of our income. It will consist of three rooms, one for pottery, one for stock storage, one for woodwork. It has already been months of work to get this far; demolishing the rotten former sheds, then rebuilding the foundations, installing a new wooden framework on which the sheds will sit and then finally, awaiting the fine men from Beaver Timber to come and erect the new building.

Here it is, in all its spray-tan wonder!

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5 thoughts on “The shed rises…

  1. Either it was a very dark night when you took the shot out the photo isn’t displaying!
    Or maybe you’re building the suspense.
    Either way can you SHED some light on the situation!?

  2. Hi = I’m the same as Andy – just a black square??? Would love to see – any chance of an email???
    So glad things are moving on and hope all is good in the new house???
    Love Mark & DeeDee x

  3. Hello again!!! Somehow – after my comment above it started working???? So we have seen your amazing shed – though SHED seems an understatement. If the weather was too bad for an Island trip you could host one of your Men’s Away weekends in there!!!!! Happy crafting for pottery and woodwork to you both xxx

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