Aoradh Wilderness Trip 2017- anyone fancy coming along?

Looking north towards the other Garvellachs

For many years, over the May bank holiday weekend, I have been taking a trip with some old friends out to one of the many deserted islands of the inner Hebrides in order to make a kind of retreat. It is something that we have shared with many ‘guests’- some who have been once, others who have become regulars and firm friends.

We are likely to have some spaces on the boat this year and so if you fancy coming along then get in touch.

We will probably be going here. We will leave early on the morning of Saturday the 29th April from Easdale, and be picked up by the boat on Monday afternoon (1st May.) We will confirm these details.

There are some posts describing past trips on this blog – here are a few;

Lunga 2016.

Eilean Mor 2015

A few reflections on wilderness.

Eileach an Naoimh 2011.

The basics of the trips as as follows;

  • We go as a group of supportive friends- this is not a commercial trip. We have no insurance etc.
  • We can supply suggest kit list etc.
  • Costs are just for boat and your own travel etc. Boat will be around £60 each (we split total cost between amount of us that go
  • We camp wild. Not as challenging as you would think
  • We may get wet and cold
  • We split time between ‘social’ and ‘silent’
  • We share experience and conversation in the evening
  • We take resources but you can do whatever you like
  • We start from a Christian tradition, but seek no converts and welcome anyone who is comfortable to talk about their own spiritual journey.

If you are interested, get in touch!


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