1984 and more…



The field was full, said Spicer

The NHS is broken

The Holocaust was fake news

The world is not warming

(And I never touched that woman)

Wealth trickles down

Poverty is the direct consequence of indolence


Ignore those pinko academics,

for I have alternative facts

from the University of Google


Conspiracy is the spice of digital life

This toxicity resists all known antibiotics

It seems that even silicon

Can fester


I did not say what you heard me say

And should you contradict

Future truth will land only in the laps

Of some other network


Reality is inside the human skull said O’Brian

It has no external dimension

With a dismissive flick of my hand

I remake the laws of nature


And more.


3 thoughts on “1984 and more…

  1. A splendid, though chilling, depiction of the world we are in, Chris!
    (Hope you are well and doing what you really enjoy…)
    All the best,

    • Chilling indeed Chin! I am indeed well thanks, and very much enjoying a different life- hope the same is true for you too? Next time you visit the wild west, it would be great to meet up?

      • Yes, Chris, I am doing a lot of (short story) writing, but am also dabbling in poetry from time to time. We have moved to Edinburgh and so have not been to Kilmun as often as we did in the past. It’d be great to meet up with you for a coffee when we do go there.

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