They brought gold…

Advent, day eighteen.

These days, we mostly use plastic, because what we hold precious has all been manufactured. In China or Bangladesh probably.

These days, Michaela and I, we earn little but find that it is enough, at least for today. We make things with our hands to sell to others. We accept plastic. No-one has ever tried to pay in gold. What we do feels like hope, to us at least. We want to consume less, recycle more, live simply.

Of course however, this it is a choice possible only for the privileged. Let’s not kid ourselves, surviving in a world that values greed above all things is not easy, particularly when your access to credit is curtailed by great need.

So to those mothers and fathers who have increased the dark shadows of their debt to give their kids a Christmas time that they will remember, I say this. May you be blessed. May the sparkle of the lights on your trees be magical. May the tear of paper reveal items hallowed by love. May you be blessed.







Why did they give you gold?

It is not as though you showed much preference for the finer things

Neither were you given to compromise where cash is concerned.

You were never that kind of King.


Perhaps it was a mistake – you were just a baby after all

Born in troubled times when life was cheap

A bit of the yellow stuff

Must have come in useful.


But you were no ordinary child

You could feed a thousand from a packed lunch

You could shower down manna with the morning dew

You trickled cool water from desert rocks.

Fishing nets bulged at your casual command.

You were there when mother earth incubated her

clutch of diamonds

So what need had you for gold?


Perhaps the value was not in receiving

(It is only shiny metal after all)

But rather in the giving.


Whatever gold I have

I offer to you.


It is yours.

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