Simple, lovely things…


Well, what a lovely Christmas. I wanted to write some grateful words, by way of simple thanks for what I have been given.

Of course, it is family, close by and at distance that we always think of at Christmas.

There was a bitter-sweet arrival at our house just before Christmas, in that we became custodians of a beautiful piano that belonged to a friend who is no longer with us. She left the instrument to a local church, who have no need of it yet, so it will live here until it is called in to communal action. This has meant that I have fallen in love with playing again, particularly with my own family. To the family who have lost, we offer our song.

I could mention other lovely things received, but instead, because I am so proud of her, here are some pictures of the present from Michaela, who made me a piece of art to celebrate my visit to St Kilda last year. It is stunning.



4 thoughts on “Simple, lovely things…

  1. What a stunning piece of artwork – you must be so pleased with it, Chris. Michaela’s talent is enviable, and I know one ought not to envy, but I wish I could produce something that beautiful. Well done Michaela x

      • Would love to. I have been down in the south of England for Christmas and New Year visiting my friend, Sue. Bought myself a new car latter part of ’17 and this was the first long distance journey – Scotland is definitely the next! Can’t wait to see you all again. Xxxx

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