Paddling for Palestine…

William, canoe trip lock eck 2009

At the end of May, Will and I are going to take a canoe trip across Scotland, via the Great Glen Canoe Trail, which goes from Fort William to Inverness, via the Caledonian canal and Loch Ness.  It will take us around 5 days, unless weather or decrepitude (on my part) intervene. In doing so, we hope to raise some much needed funds for Children of Peace,  This is the blurb from our just giving site;

Will and I are a father/son team who wanted to combine our love of wild places with the chance to raise some money for something we care deeply about. The news has been full of terrible stories about what is happening in Palestine; some are about an oppressed, dispossessed people, walled off from their homelands by the neighbourhood bully. Others tell the story of violence and terror that has to be opposed by a civil society.

There are other stories however- stories of resilience and small successes. Stories of partnerships and friendships forged across the wall. Real lives full of good things are lived despite of the huge problems faced by people in Palestine. That is why we love what Children of Peace are doing- finding ways for people to connect, share life and understanding. Helping those with to give to those without.

Any contributions you can give to this brilliant cause would be very much appreciated, particularly as we nurse our blisters and aching backs!

So dear friends, if you could see your way to helping us with a donation, Will and I would be most grateful! You can do so via our Just Giving page here

Canoe, Loch Striven


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