Canoe fundraiser- preparing…



Will and I are working hard to get ready for our canoe trip across Scotland. We will set off to Fort William on Sunday morning, with a plan to paddle the first stretch of the Caledonian canal to our first camp alongside Loch Lochy by nightfall.


The canoe has needed a bit of work- rigging it for touring with cargo retainers and also we have had to do some fibreglassing on the skid plates. It has had a hard life and has some hard miles to do yet!

I was reflecting on this, when the canoe and I both almost met our ends together. It seems all the more special that ii is now being used to raise money to give life to others…

children of peace

…which takes me to a little reminder that we are still hoping for some donations to Children of Peace via our Justgiving site. After all, if ever the border between Israel and the Palestinian peoples needs people who work for peace, it is now. Perhaps there might yet be hope for the next generation- when Trump and Netanyahu will just be pantomime villains in the ridiculous past…

By gum though, we seem to have  lot of stuff (but no, the guitar is not coming with us!)


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