COP26 #12

We are in Ireland at the moment, visiting family, staying over in the bog country, full of smell of burning peat. Imagine my surprise then when I saw this;

How is it possible that globalisation has meant that we are importing peat to Ireland- to the place famous the world over for its peat? There is madness to this, but also…

Firstly, I should not be surprised. Commodities are globalised. That is how it is. If there is a market for coals in Newcastle, then it does not matter where those coals come from. If a Canadian lumberjack needs wood for his fence, why should he not go down to his DIY store and buy wood that was grown in Sri Lanka?

Secondly, who am I to even complain? I am burning the stuff after all. I am sending up my pyre of ancient carbon. I drove here in my 10 year old diesel car which did more of the same, therefore I am a hypocrite and as such should be immediately silenced.

If we are to save the world some things need to change, that goes without saying, but one of the most obvious is the need to restore ‘local’ to be a primary consideration when trading and buying goods. There is good evidence that not only does this have a significant environmental benefit, it can actually restore communities.

If you are interested in how this might work, check out what has been going on in Preston.

Must go now- need to put more peat on the fire.

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