COP26 #17

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Climate change will effect us all, but not equally.

It is a present reality for many places in the world- not just the high-profile disasters like forest fires and flooding, but also the encroachment of sea over low lying pacific islands, or threat to many marginal ways of living through altered growing conditions or depleted wildlife. It is likely that we will see more political/economic instability as resources become squeezed.

We have been told to expect mass movements of refugees as people are forced to move away from places that are no longer able to support them, or as they are displaced by wars of unrest. But we are used to refugees, right?




I am not like you are

I breathe under water

I make mystery prayers

To a god you don’t know, and

I lurk at your border with outrageous demands

I see what you have and I hold out my hands


I am not like you are

My skin is of scales

Should your tongue cut me deep

I will not feel pain, so

I climb in small boats and I sneak across sea

I see all that you are and I wish it were me


I am not like you are

I ate my own child

I walked through the fire but

Others were burned, and

I swarm through your neighbourhood, take over your town

The house that you live in is where I am bound


I am not like you are

I walk on all fours

I beg and I steal

But still feel no shame

I snatch what you offer, give nothing back

Wait the right moment when I will attack

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