Advent 4: the size of the mountain…

Folowing on from Crawfords post yesterday, this poem seemed apt.

It was my attempt to lift my head towards goodness when it had been bowed down in despair.

(By the way, the photo is of a wildfire that swept over a mountainside above Loch Etive a few years ago. It seemed like the end of everything. It was not.)

The laugh


When you feel despair at the state of the world,

Do something small.

Ignore those voices without or deep within

Calling you fool for refusing a tyrannical logic

Achieved only by cynical wisdom –

Then do it anyway.


When you feel broken by all the cruelty the world contains,

Reach out, remembering that humanity

Can only be collectively encountered.

Allow empathy to be an umbilical conduit

For a nutrient called kindness.

What else are we for?


When overwhelmed by the size of the mountain

Walk slower, saving breath for conversation

For miles pass fast in company, then as words fade

Listen for the fat laugh

Deep down in the belly

Of all that is still becoming.

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