Advent 9: Waiting (for a delivery)…

Today’s post is from the brilliant Steve Broadway, a friend I have never ‘met’ – in person anyway. We have history however, in that we have previously collaborated on another advent project, via the curation of Si Smith and also involving meditations by Ian Adams. You can download our efforts here.

Steve is a prodigious talent. He has been an architect, but left all this behind to make art. His sketches, often done ‘live’ in outdoor settings are alternated with photographs on his blog, which I highly recommend. It is like alchemy to me.

Today, Steve offers us this;

Here is what he had to say about the inspiration;


We’ve recently moved and so this will be the first Christmas in our new home. We’ve down-sized to a third-floor apartment and share a core staircase with nine other apartments. We also now have Bristol cathedral as our new next-door neighbour (literally!).

Over the past week or so, I’ve become increasingly aware that Advent – that time of expectant waiting and anticipation – has taken on a double significance. The cathedral has posted lots of Christmas notices inviting people to join in its Advent and Christmas services and the bell-ringers have been very busy showing off their skills…

At the same time, the number of online packages being delivered to our ‘staircase neighbours’ has sky-rocketed (and left at the bottom of the stairs in significant numbers!) – a time of expectant waiting and anticipation for that online Christmas delivery?

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