On remembering to rest…

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Some need to learn this lesson more than others (I feel I might have learned it too well).

I wrote this poem for my wife, and gave it to her for Christmas, along with a… chair.

May those of you who need to sit for longer than you normally might.




Some things are only possible

From a sitting position, because

Standing is too prone to induce the appalling

Pursuit of progress. Sometimes we must

Let our chasing shadows catch us.

We must share stories of what is, and

Worry a whole lot less about what might

(Or might not) be coming.


Some things can only be understood whilst

Looking upwards from low down; when

Letting the curve of the earth come closer

To hold us in a kinder embrace.

Let us might remember that life

Can never be dialled from distance.

A root needs its loam, and we need

A place to call home

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