TFT Christmas card, 2022…



I lost the wonder

With the watch I wanted (but never had)

With a button making red magic from time

The one for which my mother scraped and saved

Was not enough


I lost the wonder

Looking at the litmus people

Who show us what we are with their brokenness

Whose bodies are laid before us

On the shopping streets


I lost the wonder even when

People pointed at it with religion

I tried to see it but when I looked at stars

I saw only space

I looked at donkeys and saw donkeys


I found it in a song

Inside a friend

It was a child, but it also an old man

I saw it clothed in feathers and also

Charity shop cardigans

It was in trees and compost bins

It came not only with the light

But as the light receded


It was what I needed

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