After the apocalypse, live…

I don’t think I have shared these short extracts from our recent debut performance of ‘After the apocalypse‘, featuring the magnificence of Yvonne Lyon on keys/vocals along with Emily/vocals on fiddle and Will on guitar/vocals, both of Mactalla fame.

This is the line up we are hoping to take on the road as the year unfolds, but untill we had actually done a live performance, it was a total unknown quantity.

In the end, we booked the lovely Uig Hall and had a fantastic night. If I hoped for anything, it was to curate a happening, in which we collectively found depth and meaning. I think we managed this and more.

Thanks to James for all the techie stuff, and once again to Si Smith for his fantastic images.

(We are still open for venues/hosts by the way- get in touch if this is of interest.)

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